Testing your CP2102 USB to UART Device

A simple way to check your USB to UART is working, is to send some data out the TX port and monitor it coming back on the RX port using a terminal programme....
  • Link the TX and RX pins on the UART
  • Plug your USB to UART device into the USB port
  • Run the terminal programme V1.9
  • Click to select your Com Port
  • Click "Connect" at top left hand corner
  • Click your cursor in the greyed out Transmit section at the bottom
  • Type in some text in the Transmit section
  • If all is OK then the same text will appear in the Receive section
  • You can now build your computer interface cable as shown below

  • If you want to take a closer look at your USB ports and devices.........nirsoft USBDeview
  • If you are using V1.11 of the UV-3R software and you get an error telling you that the comm port cannot be found, then double check the TX and RX connections are the correct way round.

You can download the latest version of V1.9 here.. V1.9 programme

..and the CP2102 Driver here.........Silicon Labs CP2102 Driver

CP2102 USB UART with RX/TX Link CP2102 USB UART with RX/TX pins linked

LM2596 PSU/Charger Diagrams

Here are some circuit diagrams that maybe of use to you (all credit to the authors)....
LM2596 2 Pot Circuit
LM2596 3 Pot Circuit