FlightChip ~ a Programmable, Multipurpose, Low cost, Very low weight, Flight Control System for Electric Model Aircraft, now with a Ready Built & Ready to Connect Option weighing only 3.5g

FlightChip3 is a kit of parts that enables you to build a programmable, low cost, low weight flight control system which incorporates motor run timer, de-thermaliser (DT) servo turn on timer and 9 motor speed settings. The motor run time system can control either a DC brushed motor using the MOSFET supplied, or a brushless motor using a user supplied ESC. The motor run time is 0 to 99 seconds in one second steps and the DT turn on timer is 0 to 990 seconds in 10 second steps ~ all of which can be programmed by the user using a pushbutton and LED. Although designed for use with a single Li-Po you can use 2 or 3 Li-Po’s by fitting the FREE voltage dropping PSU board supplied with the kit, or available as an option with the ready to connect option. The untrimmed components supplied weigh about 1.56g, the 4 wires 1.84g and the PSU board if fitted weighs 1.65g ~ its the servo, ESC, motor and related wiring that adds the weight! So with careful planning you will get a very lightweight programmable system. The kit includes resistors, capacitor, high bright LED, switch, P45N02LDG MOSFET Power Switch (5A continuous, 8A for 60 seconds although you could fit a larger N type MOSFET - make sure the wiring is up to it!), programmed PIC, lengths of wire and FREE voltage dropping PSU Board if you need it. Ensure your system is tried and tested before you launch. We have included the option of FlightChip3 in packs of 10 at a reduced unit price in order to encourage the kit to be selected as one of your club projects for 2016.

FlightChip4 has the same features as FlightChip3 Plus the ability to change the motor speed everytime you press the pushbutton. It works like this.........At launch you press the pushbutton and on release the motor will start at the last set speed. If you then press the button again the motor speed will increase to the next speed. Each time you press the pushbutton the speed will increase until you reach maximum speed. When you press the pushbutton again the speed will drop to zero, and at the next press the motor will increase to speed 1, then 2, then 3, etc . This means you can change the motor speed to suit the flight conditions holding the model ready to launch. The flight and DT timers will restart every time you release the pushbutton.


FlightChip3 Ready to Connect

FlightChip3 developed with the assistance of Peterborough Model Flying Club

FlightChip3 and 4 are available built & ready to connect to 1 Lipo & 6/7mm motor ~ this very lightweight assembly weighs 3.5g! If you want to run a 12mm motor we suggest you assemble your own Flightchip ensuring the wire size is suitable. Let us know your timer settings and we will programme ready to go (you can change yourself later if you wish).

We also offer a lightweight 2.5g servo suitable for the DT (weight excludes plug) Free P&P with FlightChip3

We post FlightChip3 and 4 to most parts of the world.

  • Motor run timer 1 to 99 seconds
  • Motor speed control in 9 steps
  • Motor can be either brush or brushless (latter using user supplied ESC)
  • MOSFET supplied for brushed motor
  • De-thermaliser timer 10 to 990 seconds (operates user supplied servo)
  • Programmable using High Bright LED and pushbutton
  • Operates from 3.7V to 5V (But free 5V PSU board supplied to enable use with 2 or 3 Lipos)
  • Timer restart feature can be hardwired on or off ("Off" preferred to stop inadvertent restart by non modellers)
  • Timer reset is active all the time the motor timer is running
  • Flightchip 4 has an "in field" speed change feature
  • Ready built and programmed option (you can change times yourself later if you wish)
  • 2.4g Servo now available with free P&P
  • Low weight only 3.5g if used with 1S lipo; 5.9g if used with voltage dropping PSU board, (excluding motor or servo & leads)
  • Low cost only £8.50 for kit of parts, inc. UK P&P
  • Ready to Connect only £13.50 as listed below, inc. UK P&P
We now have an SMD Kit version of FC3 and FC4 so you can reduce the weight to suit those small indoor models. Simply order as normal quoting SMD. Just remember SMD components are very small so you will need a small soldering iron and maybe a stereo magnifier. The photos below show an FC4 plus a Gyminnie Cricket almost ready to fly. The weight of the FC4, 80mA Lipo, motor and prop are about the same as the rubber & prop supplied with the kit (5.5g).

  • Flightchip4 SMD version on youtube

    FC3 or FC4 SMD

    FC4 Gyminnie Cricket

    The servo we offer is a DM-S0025, Voltage 3.7V ~ 6.0V, Speed 0.10 sec/60deg (4.8v) 0.09sec/60deg (6.0v), Stall Torque 0.4kg.cm (4.8v) 0.6kg.cm (6.0v), Size 19.4mmX8mmX16mm, 2.5g (ex connector), Coreless motor, Plastic gear train, Futaba, JR, SANWA, Hitec compatible, supplied with a JR connector. These are available under "Order FLIGHTCHIP3 Ready to Connect"


    2.5g Servo

    The 2 Amp voltage dropping PSU board has a input voltage of 4.75V to 23V DC and an adjustable output voltage of 1.0V to 20V DC, size is 18mm x 12mm x 4.5mm and it weighs 1.65g. The PSU is short circuit protected and will go into a current limit of 2 Amp, it will come out of current limit once the excessive load has been removed. Set at 5V and fix with cyno before use with FlightChip. These are available under "Order FLIGHTCHIP3 Ready to Connect"

    2A Voltage Dropping Board PSU

    2 Amp Voltage Dropping PSU

    The 2 Amp Step-Up Voltage board has a input voltage of 2.0V to 22V DC and an adjustable output voltage of 2.5V to 24V DC, size is 36mm x 17mm x 14mm and it weighs 4.5g. Ideal for supplying the power to a 5V receiver or 6/7mm motor from a single 3.7V/4.2V Li-Po. The PSU is short circuit protected and will go into a current limit of 2 Amp, it will come out of current limit once the excessive load has been removed. Note that this board will increase the voltage to meet your preset voltage as the battery voltage drops. This helps your model continue to power on. Always set the output voltage to more than the input voltage.
    2A Voltage Step Up Board PSU

    2 Amp Voltage Step Up Board PSU

    Interesting article with information on generating high voltages from the Step Up Board

    The CN12 type C brushed motor is a powerful 6 pole 12mm diameter, 30mm long motor suitable for E30 and other electric model planes. The shaft is 1.5mm diameter and 5mm long. Weight is about 15.2g and resistance is about 1 ohm. No load current at 7.2/8.4V is 0.27/0.29 amps. 2 Lipos is the maximum for this motor. These motors have been removed from industrial equipment and have solder on the tags. They are a powerful and useful motor which some flyers are using in competitions.

    CN12 Motor

    CN12 type C motor

    The DVP20 operates from a supply voltage of 4.5-30V DC at less than 20mA with a voltage measurement range of 0-100V DC and a current measurement range of 0-10A (built in shunt). The voltage being measured can be used to power the meter if it is above 4.5V. It has trim pots for voltage amd current. The size is 48mm wide, 28mm high, 32mm deep with a cut-out size of 45mm wide, 26mm high. Weight 19 g. See link below for wiring diagram.

    DVP20 Panel Meter
    DVP20 Wiring Diagram

    • FlightChip3 on Youtube

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      FlightChip3 Kit

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      FlightChip3 - Ready to Connect

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      10 off FlightChip3 Kits

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      FlightChip4 Kit

      Order FLIGHTCHIP4 Ready to Connect.......as shown below

      FlightChip4 - Ready to Connect

      Order 10 off FLIGHTCHIP4 Kit including 10 off FREE PSU Boards here.......Ideal Club Project for 2016

      10 off FlightChip4 Kits

      Voltage Boards..............Free P&P with other orders

      Voltage Boards

      Servo..............Free P&P with other orders


      CN12 Motor..............Free P&P with other orders

      CN12 Motor

      DVP20 Digital Voltage and Current Meter.............Free P&P with other orders

      DVP20 DC Panel Meter

      Order extra components here.......Free P&P with other orders



      Kit of Parts
      MOSFET and PWM Flight Chip Wiring

      Basic Assembly


      Ready to Connect weighing in at 3.32g!


      Ready to Connect Top


      Ready to Connect Bottom



      Assembly Instructions...

      FlightChip3 Assembly Instructions.docx

      User Instructions...

      FlightChip3 User Instructions.docx

      Timing Sheet...

      FlightChip Timing Sheet

      Motor wiring, volts, amps and watts...

      FlightChip3 Motor wiring, volts, amps and watts

      All software, hardware and information, is provided in good faith and at your risk.
      Design subject to ongoing development.
      Ensure your system is tried and tested before you launch.
      Contact us for any special requirements at flightchip@bowthorpe.org