Key Knobs

This page was created in response to some of the comments about flat and "naval" type key knobs. It’s not intended to be too serious; it simply appealed to my sense of humour (or lack of it).

As far as I can tell we (UK?) use naval type keys and the Americans use flat type knobs. Why the Czech’s use flat I have no idea and I suppose anyway it’s all lost in the mists of time. Maybe the bottom line is that the key knob you like best is the one you 1st learnt on?

On a more practical note, you can buy these knobs and stick them on with araldite or even silicone sealant.

Czech Naval (Liberty ~ Modern Acrylic 121590 from B&Q)

Czech Football (Football from B&Q)

Czech Bling (Faceted Glass Knob from B&Q)

Size Comparison against a US Dollar Bill (As requested by Pete W1PNS)