G QRP Club

The G QRP club formed in 1974 as a non profit making group helping to support low power radio.

The club produces SPRAT an informative, interesting and educational quarterly magazine containing members articles and news. The club is run entirely by volunteers. Membership is worldwide.

G QRP Club Min-Convention Rishworth 2012 on You Tube

G QRP Rishworth 2012


The International Morse Preservation Society formed in 1987 to support the use, preservation and education of morse code. The club is devoted exclusively to CW operators, CW operating and people that are passionate about morse code. Membership is worldwide with 4 chapters ~ Europe, Aus/NZ, Far East & USA.

The chapters produce quarterly magazines sent by post or email.

Brass Pounder Site


The Czech QRP club devoted to lower power communication, amateur radio QRP construction and operation.
Other aims are to spread ham spirit, to make friendship with other amateurs and exchange technical and operational experience in the field of lower power communication. Membership is worldwide.

The club produces OK QRP INFO (OQI) a quarterly magazine.

Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)

First organized in January of 2006 membership has rapidly grown to include thousands of members from all corners of the globe. Free membership open to all interested licensed radio amateurs.

Essex CW Club

Essex CW Amateur Radio Club is for anyone with a passion for Morse Code. One important area for the club is assisting those who wish to learn CW.

The Morse Crusade

The Crusades aim is to promote CW, educate people about Morse and modern learning practices, bringing about changes to enhance the Morse experience.

The CW Operators’ Club

In late 2009 a small group of CW operators – ragchewers, contesters, and DXers – began talking about founding a new club. We invite you to explore our website; to participate in our on-air activities; or if your goal is to learn or improve CW skills, to sign up for CW Academy and join the hundreds of hams who have already done so.